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Intuitive Readings

A reading is a spiritual counseling session. An intuitive will work with your guides and angels to access spiritual understanding that will provide you with clarity about the best next step for your soul growth and healing. All intuitives have different gifts and use different tools. Some may use tarot or oracle cards, pendulums, stones, or a lighted candle.  They may also use numerology and astrology.  Our gifted intuitives are available to answer your life's questions, or help you find comfort through a loving message provided by your angels and guides.


Find inner peace with the spiritual assistance of our guided staff and healers.

Our regular readers:

Raven Feather

Certified Realm Reader

Intuitive Readings and

Spiritual Guidance

Ordained Minister

1st & 3rd Saturdays

Julie Grey

Intuitive Readings,

Mediumship & Reiki Healing

Ordained Minister

2nd Sat, 3rd Fri.& by appt.




to schedule an

appointment with one of our     intuitives or             to register

for our classes.

Anna Sundari Knight

Intuitive Readings,

Mediumship & Reiki Healing

Reiki Master

Shamanic Practitioner

Oneness Blessing Giver

Last Fridays and by appt.

Cindy Danbom

Intuitive Reader/

Certified Hypnotherapist/

Past Life Regressions &

Chakra Clearings

First Sundays

We offer classes on a wide variety of metaphysical subjects. Our teachers and speakers are highly gifted, experienced, and knowledgeable. We offer a spacious and air conditioned space for our students.

Classes and Events

This page is updated as space allows, our goal is to have a month of current info listed.  

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***Class and event changes are announced on Facebook and our Website.***

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Facilitated by Anna Sundari Knight

Sat. Aug. 26, 2017  1:00-3:00pm Cost $30

Come and experience the energy beyond the veil for healing, clarity and guidance from Great Spirit, your guides and ancestors.  We will be creating a space of Love, Peace and Acceptance to invoke a web of conscious connection to each other and the higher realms to further explore our path of spiritual growth and development.  You are welcome to bring your crystal or Tibetan singing bowl which we will play together after a short meditation to raise the vibration, followed by the Shamanic Journey.  Please bring a journal, crystals, feathers, etc. for the altar.  You may bring a pillow and blanket for your comfort if you like.  A healthy snack to share with the group during the break would be welcomed.


Facilitated by Anna Sundari

Thurs. Sept. 14, 2017 @ 7:00pm

Please join us for our monthly Reiki Share! The evening will begin with a Sound Bath Meditation to purify, open, align the chakras, mind, body and spirit with a Sugilite crystal singing bowl and Tibetan singing bowls. The healing vibration continues with the gift of giving and receiving Universal life force energy bringing harmony and balance for well being on all levels.  You do not have to be a reiki practitioner to participate.  You are welcome to bring a healthy snack to share with the group. An $8 fee is gratefully accepted. Please call 360-403-8884 to register.

Tara Pic 2017

Tara Houston

Intuitive Readings,

Mediumship and

Spiritual Guidance

First Fridays,

& by appointment

Paula Kaplan

Intuitive Medium,

Clairvoyant, Animal communicator,

Medical Intuitive

Ordained Minister

Sundays, 2nd Fridays,

& By Appt.

Julie Grey


with Tara Houston


Saturday Aug. 19, 2017

2:00-4:00pm  cost $20

A look at animals as totems, spirit animals, guides, visions, familiars, and more.  The concept of totem animals or animal spirit guides is nothing new and the belief, practice, and wisdom of the animal kingdom working side by side with mankind can be traced back for centuries.  Artist and Medium Tara Houstom will walk you through the ages discussing different cultures and beliefs surrounding animals and the role they have played connecting mankind to nature and our own evolution and spirituality.



October 8  Kingdom Animalia with Tara Houston

October 13-15 Mediumship 101-Weekend Mediumship Workshop

October 22  "Lets Talk to Animals" Learn Animal Communication with Paula Kaplan

COMING SOON-Amethyst Bed Healing Sessions


A Group Mediumship Event

with PAULA KAPLAN, Psychic Medium

SEPT. 24, 2017  1:30-3:30pm Cost $25

Join Paula Kaplan as she provides connections with your crossed over loved ones,  including your pets!  Hearing from your loved ones is a very healing experience.  Please call 360-403-8884 to reserve your seat.