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Explore and find the tools to assist you on the path towards spiritual peace and enlightenment.

For thousands of years, we’ve understood that there’s a healing energy in the natural world. Even something as simple as inhaling the fragrance of a flower can have a profound effect on your mood and wellbeing. That’s the secret behind aromatherapy. Whether you inhale their fragrance or rub them into your skin, essential oils at A Path To Avalon provide relief from stress and depression, facilitate a good night’s sleep, soothe your soul, and give you much-needed energy.


Incense and Aromatherapy go hand in hand. With scented incense, one can actually use its healing powers to reduce and calm anxiety, stress, and fear, alleviate insomnia and accelerate healing. You can also use incense or candles to help stimulate and renew energy, cleanse the atmosphere, and prepare for meditation and prayer. We have many different varieties of incense and candles to meet your individual preference.  Stop by and see the complete line of products at A Path to Avalon.

Enliven your spirit through the healing power of aroma and candle therapy~